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Industrias Aston S.A. is a family business, founded in 1992, which is based in a modern, 2000-square-meter plant, located in the west of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

The main divisions of the business are metallurgy and plastics, including matrix work, stamping, soldering, and painting.

Each of these sectors are supervised by qualified personnel, which enables rigorous quality control and ensures that the production is overseen, from raw materials to final packaging.

In the local replacements market, as a supplier of brand trays, suspension arms, links and oil pan shield, our clients include the most important auto part distributors in the country.

All our parts are planned and manufactured to exceed the established quality standards.

In the plastics division, a line of curtains, or sunshades, has been developed for cars, in plain cloth or micro perforated, with or without a mechanism, which is used to advertise the brand-names of the most important companies of the country and South America.

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Av. Márquez 1351. (1657) Loma Hermosa. Buenos Aires - Argentina. Telefax: (54-11) 4769-8828 / 8986 - aston@aston.com.ar